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Bringing the excitement of mail time to your mailbox.

At Lucky Dog, we get excited for mail time, geek over quality paper, and relish a good pun.

Amazing stationery is an art - one that we seek out everywhere. Hidden in the way the leaves rustle with the wind, the way the sun hits the flowers in your garden, the way an old tile design was carefully made with the most fun and vibrant colors.

And in turn: paper that feels amazing, graphics that inspire, words that just feel right, and products that help you live the life you've always dreamed.

So that's what we strive to do here at Lucky Dog. We design graphics we want to use, we use words carved from our own lives, and we curate paper that honestly makes us cry a little it's so beautiful (but I'm a paper nerd like that).

I've been crafting since 2 years old, but Lucky Dog was born in 2017. It was born out of a desire to connect with the people I care about on a deeper level than the superficial social media doom scroll and occasional texts and calls. It was born out of the cards I hold dear and cherish from my family and friends. The thought that someone went a little out of their way to cheer you up a little bit - an unexpected party in a letter that showed up in your spam-filled mailbox.

We offer so many fun paper goods like cards, stickers, notepads, notebooks, gift tags, desk calendars, art prints, and more - all handmade in our little studio in Atlanta, Georgia.

Thank you for being here, checking out our little corner of the interwebs, and supporting small.

~Kayla, Founder and CEO~

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Co-Founder + Maker

Kayla has been a graphic designer for more than a decade and has been a major crafter and maker since the age of 2. Her favorite part about snail mail is finding the perfect card to match the personality of the person receiving it.

When Kayla’s not making cards or stickers, you can find her drawing, embroidering, drinking coffee, or reading a good book.

Co-Founder +
Chief Mail Sniffer

Odin has been sniffing mail and boxes since 7 weeks old. He finds so much joy in opening boxes and helping Kayla approve new card designs. His favorite part about snail mail is all the sniffs—imagine all of the places the mail has been!

When Odin’s not helping make cards, you can find him chasing birds, cuddling on the couch, guarding the garden, or eating Roofles.

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