7 Birthday Gifts for the Luxurious, Grounded Taurus

Dependable. Artistic. Driven. Below are a few incredible gift ideas for those in your life celebrating their birthday between April 20 and May 20. The key to your gifting should be centered around experiences and gifts that make them feel luxurious or simplify their life.

And don’t forget the card! Shop the Taurus birthday card here.


Handmade Ceramic Mug by Eclecart Ceramics

Ceramic Mug from Eclecart Ceramics

Gift your Taurus with a one-of-a-kind, quality, handmade ceramic mug to sip from each morning. Aubrey's style is colorful and eclectic (which is where her shop name comes from) and sure to win their heart.

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A local set of foodie goods

Does the Taurus you're shopping for love to cook and/or love food? Find them a local set of olive oils, cheese, wine, or chocolates. Your Taurus will love the luxury of the sets. If your Taurus loves to shop, take them with you to pick out their favorites if it's an option.


Handcrafted Wood Sign by Pewter & Sage

Fresh Cut Flowers Wood Sign by Pewter and Sage

Watching her make these signs is incredible. The amount of work and expertise that goes into each handmade piece is mindblowing. A Taurus tends to love decorating their home perfectly - and one of Pewter & Sage's signs may be the perfect match.

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A Personal Chef for the Evening or a Fancy Dinner

Tauruses LOVE an impeccably made meal and relishes in the perfect dish. If you're able to give them the gift of an amazing dinner, do it! You won't regret it - and they'll cherish it.



Cherry Cheese and Cutting Board by Southern Pine Design Co.

Cherry Cutting Board from Southern Pine Design Co.

Each board is handcrafted by Southern Pine Design Co. and has a unique wood grain, meaning each board cannot be replicated. The perfect kitchen addition to the cheese-loving foodie Taurus in your life.

Shop Southern Pine Design Co.



Earthy Soy Candle by Urban Pulse Co.

Cedarwood Bergamot Soy Candle from Urban Pulse Co.

Let's be honest, everything Danielle makes at Urban Pulse Co. is incredible high quality products with natural ingredients. This earthy candle will smell incredible and is free from any harmful chemicals you find in a lot of big box stores. Win win!

Shop Urban Pulse Co.



Taurus Birthday Card from Lucky Dog Design Co.

 Taurus Birthday Card - Lucky Dog Design Co.

Find a luxurious card that fits their personality. 

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