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Shine On Card
Photo of the Shine On Card by Lucky Dog Design Co.

Shine On Card

£5.00 GBP
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Cards of encouragement for those you cherish. Sometimes all someone needs is a little pick-me-up, words of encouragement, and to know you're there.

Lucky Dog - your go-to small business for unique encouragement cards.

Our handmade encouragement cards are printed on thick, felt-textured stock and paired with a colorful envelope.

To order a bundle of 5 or 10 cards of encouragement for a friend, check out this bundle or perhaps this one.

All stationery is typically shipped within 2 business days, but never more than 5. If you ever need something earlier, please reach out at kayla@luckydogdesign.co.

To order wholesale greeting cards or stationery, just add 50 items to your cart. Once you do, an automatic 50% off is taken off your bulk greeting card order.

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