6 Gift Ideas for Teachers

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Teachers work every single day to nurture and educate the next generation. For those with kids in school, getting a teacher a gift is such a wonderful way to let them know you appreciate their endless work to help your child (and society as a whole). Here are a few teacher-approved gifts for teacher appreciation.

Gifts for Teacher Appreciation

Teacher Care Crate

Teacher Care Crate

The Teacher Care Crate subscription box was created by a teacher, for a teacher. With monthly themes, you can gift a teacher a carefully curated box of self-care goodies to bring a little joy into their lives. A small reminder to take care of themselves while taking care of others.

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Check their Wish List

Oftentimes teachers will have a wish list (typically on Amazon) with they list what they need (or want) for their classroom. Check to see if one is available, even if you have to ask the teacher directly. They would love to share!


Revitalizing Minds by Josie McClain, M.ED.

Revitalizing Minds by Josie McClain, M.ED.

This book is all about the science behind brain breaks and how they benefit students. A perfect gift for teachers who are always learning and growing. This book was written by Josie McClain, M.ED., a second-grade teacher in Arizona!

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Gift Card to a Coffee Shop Near the School

If you're unsure, Starbucks is typically a good universal option! A coffee shop gift card is almost always appreciated. It's also an easy gift to pick up (or even email!) if you're running low on time.


Don't Forget the Card!

Why can't everyone be as amazing as you? Encouragement Card for Teachers

Teachers are incredibly passionate humans (especially about education!) so a handwritten note or card goes such a long way by itself. At the end of the day, if you have a few minutes of time and a card, sending them a note about how much they mean to you and your child will be incredibly meaningful. Bonus points: If your child can write, have them include a note!

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Teacher Noire

Teacher Noire

Teacher Noire is run by an educator who taught for 12 years. Now, her t-shirts are beloved by teachers everywhere. She also creates digital resources and hosts a first year teacher advocate program.

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