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Tis the season for gift giving! This holiday gift guide is here to bring you the gems of small business - where you can shop small, feel good, and know that the recipient is getting a unique gift made with a whole lot of heart. And don't forget the card! You can shop holiday cards here.

Check all of the gifts below - we’ve got a little something for everyone - and don’t forget to shop and share this with others!

If you'd like to jump ahead, find: 


Gifts for someone who loves to cook and bake

Reusable Dish Covers from Wild Clementine Co.

Reusable dish cover from Wild Clementine Co.

Ali is the Owner and Maker behind Wild Clementine Co., a colorful shop full of reusable dish covers that make the kitchen more fun and eco-friendly! Her dish covers are machine washable, waterproof, and are great for proofing bread dough, covering leftovers, or wrapping a plate of baked goods to give as a gift for the holidays.

Shop Ali's Reusable Dish Covers | Follow Wild Clementine Co. on Instagram


Gifts for the coffee or tea lover

I Run on Coffee, Chaos, and Cuss Words Beer Can Glass from Fbombs & Booze

I Run on Coffee, Chaos, and Cuss Words Beer Can Glass from Fbombs & Booze

Fbombs & Booze is a snarky and sweary handmade drinkware brand. They have something for everyone as long as they like a little sass or colorful language. 

Snag the Fbombs & Booze Glass | Follow them on Instagram


Coffee Mug from Made for Mama Shop

Made for Mama Shop

Shop Made for Mama's Mug

About Made for Mama Shop: Made For Mama Shop is a woman-owned small business with the mission to make moms feel cozy and special as soon as they wake up, even amidst the chaos that motherhood can bring. We do this through handlettering inspirational and fun sayings on cute and colorful coffee mugs! Follow Made for Mama Shop on Instagram.


Handmade Unique Tea Blends from The Traveling Teapot

The Traveling Teapot

Shop The Traveling Teapot

About The Traveling Teapot: Tea lover Kristi Brooks uses her training as a pastry chef and her years as the owner of a successful afternoon tea room to bring you unique loose leaf tea blends as well as tea brewing accessories and tea themed gifts. Follow The Traveling Teapot on Instagram.


Gifts for kids

Tooth Fairy Pillow from Madly Wish

Tooth Fairy Pillow from Madly Wish

One of those cherished memories for both parents and children is a visit from the Tooth Fairy. You will always remember the excitement you felt when your child lost their first tooth... and their last. This pillow is a keepsake, for boys and girls, that you'll treasure long after the Tooth Fairy has made her last visit.

Shop the Tooth Fairy Pillow

About Madly Wish: Madly Wish is an ode to the fading tradition of tactile memories, of having something to hold, smell, & feel when you want to remember something that's been there from the beginning, woven not only with threads of fabric, but memory. Follow Madly Wish on Instagram.


Sensory Kits for Kids from Broccoli Boxes

Sensory Kits for Kids from Broccoli Boxes

Subscribe to give the gift of screen-free, creative play all year long! Or grab a sensory kit or sensory mini for under the tree and a sensory jar for the stockings. We’ve got fun, screen-free play perfect for every gift giving situation.

Shop Sensory Boxes

About Broccoli Boxes: Broccoli Boxes: Sensory Kits for Kids is a family-owned business with the mission to encourage families and strengthen communities. They do this by providing moms a quick win when they need it most through no-prep sensory play that helps kids learn through play and donating to children in foster care.  Follow Broccoli Boxes on Instagram.


Gifts for those who love getting a greeting card

Holiday Greeting Cards from Lucky Dog Design Co.

Holiday Greeting Cards from Lucky Dog Design Co.

Grab a happy holidays card for every winter holiday occasion, including turkey day! Send creative and unique holiday cards that will be displayed for months. Lucky Dog’s handmade holiday cards are printed on thick, felt-textured stock and paired with a colorful envelope.

Shop Holiday Cards

About Lucky Dog Design Co.: Kayla and her pup Odin are the faces and creatives behind Lucky Dog Design Co., a stationery shop filled with relatable greeting cards, fun stickers, notepads, and gifts. Kayla started hand making greeting cards at the age of 2 and hasn’t stopped since. Follow Lucky Dog Design Co. on Instagram.


Gifts for those who love spicy (and sweets)

Hot Lollies Spicy Lollipops

 Hot Lollies Spicy Lollipops

Lollipops come in four flavors: Ginger Turmeric, Coconut Chile, Mango Habanero and Guava Reaper. Get four of the same flavor or one of each.

Snag some hot lollies!

About Hot Lollies: Hot Lollies is a spicy lollipops and sweets shop inspired by owner Marias’ Caribbean roots and her obsession with spicy foods. She makes spicy lollipops and hard candies with tropical fruit purees and real chile peppers for a unique, all natural fiery treat that’s free of artificial ingredients. Maria initially created Hot Lollies as a spicy food blog and now offers spicy sweets, spicy candy boxes, spicy food subscription boxes and fiery themed goods. Follow Hot Lollies on Instagram.


Gifts for scent lovers

Route 29 Candle from Hill and River Collection

 Route 29 Candle from Hill and River Collection

Their Route 29 candle consists of a unique fragrance blend of oak, cypress and a hint of gin. Together, it reminds us of the cool evening road trips, fall foliage along the highway, the upcoming holidays, and the clean air that you'll experience journeying through this scenic route. ⁠

Shop the Route 29 Candle

About Hill and River Collection: A husband and wife duo that took grief and a bad one year anniversary gift and created a passion. Hill and River Collection products have been meticulously created to bring the scents of Virginia to all. Follow Hill and River Collection on Instagram.


Gifts for those who want to liven up their home (or a new homeowner)

Teal Dreamer Vase from Sumiware Ceramics

 Teal Dreamer Vase from Sumiware Ceramics

The Teal Dreamer vase is the perfect size to hold your favorite fall and winter bouquets. Made with a light speckled clay body that provides a beautiful contrast against the deep blue glaze, it will make all of your dreams come true (or at least create a pretty illusion!)

Shop the Teal Dreamer Vase

About Sumiware Ceramics: Bri Santo is the founder and designer of Sumiware Ceramics. She is a full-time ceramic hand builder based in San Francisco, Ca, and creates bright and fun home decor to help you bring life and creativity into your home. Sumiware began out of a desire to make joyful and bright ceramics for people who want to live more creatively. The motto at Sumiware is to live creatively and live with inspiration. Follow Sumiware Ceramics on Instagram.


Gifts for the crafty

Blooming Wildflowers Embroidery Craft Kit from MCreativeJ

Blooming Wildflowers Embroidery Craft Kit from MCreativeJ

Inspired by flowers in MCreativeJ's neighbor's garden, these lovely blooming wildflowers are a botanical treat. Fun for stitchers of all skill levels, this hand embroidery kit includes all the materials you'll need to create a delightful flower trio. Detailed photo and written instructions share how to use 6 different embroidery stitches to create these flowers. 

Shop the Embroidery Kit

About MCreativeJ: MCreativeJ offers nature inspired embroidery kits for the modern maker. We make embroidery easy and enjoyable. Our Blooming Wildflowers embroidery kit comes with everything you need to get crafting a floral design that pops off the fabric using 3D stitches. Follow MCreativeJ on Instagram.


Gifts for plant lovers and gardeners

Burlap Plant Covers from Maddi and Joan

 Burlap Plant Covers from Maddi and Joan

Decorative plant covers to help you cover up those not so cute nursery pots and create a space with a natural boho vibe.

Shop the Plant Covers

About Maddi and Joan: Maddi and Joan makes boho inspired plant decor and accessories made primarily with natural textiles like jute. Marquia, the slightly plant obsessed owner, loves creating eco- friendly accessories to help you support and show off your plants with plant hangers, trellises, plant covers and more. Maddi and Joan was created as a way for Marquia to reinvent her newly single space with her daughter all while combining her long love of plants and embracing the beauty and self care they can bring. Follow Maddi and Joan on Instagram.


Pollinator Seed Balls from Pollinators and Blooms

 Pollinator Seed Balls from Pollinators and Blooms

Shop the Seed Balls

About Pollinators and Blooms: Jessica Worley of Pollinators and Blooms is a mixed media artist, educator, and flower gardener. She and her children handmake wildflower seed balls to help you grow your own pollinator garden to support pollinators all year long. Follow Pollinators and Blooms on Instagram.


Gifts for those who love easy nail art

Nail Wraps from Ivy & Ash

 Nail Wraps from Ivy & Ash

Ivy & Ash is a woman-owned nail art company whose core value is to embolden & celebrate ambitious women.  Our nail wraps are inspired by and created for the on-the-go modern woman who wants trendy nails for a great price, without the fuss of dry-time, chipping, and smudging.

Shop Nail Wraps | Follow Ivy & Ash on Instagram


Gifts for those who love everyday beautiful items

Print Wax Canvas Accessories from My Metier

Print Wax Canvas Accessories from My Metier

Angela is the Maker at My Metier. A "metier" is "a calling, what you are meant to do," and Angela’s calling is to create and make. Totebags, zipper pouches, wallets, and other fun accessories - all handcrafted with cork, organic waxed canvas, and modern woven cotton prints. Created with the discipline of a mechanical engineer.

Shop My Metier | Follow My Metier on Instagram


Gifts for those looking for Inclusive Hanukkah and Holiday Gifts

Hanukkah and Holiday Gifts from Mrs. Meshugga

 Hanukkah and Holiday Gifts from Mrs. Meshugga

Celebrate the holiday season with our unique Hanukkah toile items, and our brand new Jewish Food Collection. Whether you are Jewish, Jew(ish) or just like our food, we’ve got you covered. Celebrate you or your favorite Jewish foodie with our collection of apparel and kitchen accessories.

Shop Mrs. Meshugga

About Mrs. Meshugga: Mrs. Meshugga was born on a cold December night in 2012 when not one Hanukkah shirt could be found among a sea of Christmas shirts in a big box store. Frustrated with the lack of options available, Lisa Buber created her first design, our “You Spin Me Right Round” Hanukkah shirt. Proud of her ingenuity and creativity, her husband posted a picture of the shirts on Facebook and in less than an hour, Lisa was flooded with messages asking how people could get their hands on them in time for Hanukkah. From there, Mrs. Meshugga grew to offer custom shirts for almost every holiday, birthdays, family occasions, and vacations. In 2018, Mrs. Meshugga joined a local retail cooperative and began producing locally themed items as well as offering in-stock apparel, accessories, and home goods to our customers. Follow Mrs. Meshugga on Instagram.



Gifts for Those Who Need A Little Self Care

Pampering Gifts from Handmade Natural Beauty

Pampering Gifts from Handmade Natural Beauty

These handmade soaps and natural beauty products make unique gifts to pamper your loved ones (or yourself). Select from pre-designed natural beauty luxury gifts or design a custom gift with their custom gift packaging options (and a subscription box option that keeps on giving).

Shop the Beauty Products

About Handmade Natural Beauty: Handmade Natural Beauty started over 20 years ago by Angie (Cavaiuolo) Neyens out of her midwest home. She started selling her natural bath and body products at local craft shows and now also sells online and wholesale to select boutiques and establishments. Approximately 10 years ago, she opened a charming retail boutique which has expanded twice and is located in the heart of historic downtown La Crosse, WI. She now has a spacious production kitchen in the back of the boutique. She lives in La Crescent, MN with her husband, college-age son, and 2 spoiled Shih Tzus. Follow Handmade Natural Beauty on Instagram.



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