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It’s officially the holiday season! As we start turning to gift hunting and giving, I hope you choose to shop more local and small. There are truly unique, hidden (and not so hidden) gems out there being made by small shops.

Speaking of gems! Below you’ll find some of my favorite shops to help get you started!


For the Green Thumb

Oak Oblong Trio Wall Set from Theory Beyond Design

oak oblong trio set theory beyond design

The Oak Oblong Trio Wall Set lets you propagate your house plants with a little extra sophistication! This is officially Theory Beyond Design’s first three-piece hanger and is made to mount on the wall to keep away from little hands and paws. Perfect for anyone looking to elevate their vertical space with some green! Comes with three glass 6" x 1" test tubes.

I purchased one of Kara's propagation stations as a gift and it is truly incredible work.

Shop the Oak Oblong Trio Wall Set

About Theory Beyond Design: Kara is the owner of Theory Beyond Design, a small business specializing in home decor for plant propagation. It was started in 2018 with the belief that the simplicity found in plant propagation can help us slow down and connect with nature's basic method of rejuvenation. Follow Theory Beyond Design on Instagram.


4 Set Jute Plant Hangers from Maddi and Joan

4 Set Jute Plant Hangers from Maddi and Joan

Jute plant hangers in 4 different styles to help you show off your plants and that boho vibe. Great to display all together or individually in every room. Made with 100% jute keeping them natural and modern. You’ll never have to worry about not having enough shelf space again.

Shop the 4 Set Jute Plant Hangers

About Maddi and Joan: Marquia, owner and creator of Maddi and Joan has a passion creating urban boho home and plant décor for the modern, eclectic home. It all began in 2019 as a way for her to create a new space for herself that was now her own. Working with eco friendly materials, Marquia loves making décor for others to share within their home and help create their own vibe. Follow Maddi and Joan on Instagram.


For Pet Owners

Custom Wood Burned Pet Portrait from Birch Burn

Custom Wood Burned Pet Portrait from Birch Burn

Whether it's in remembrance or for those that just want a unique way of showcasing their favorite animal - a custom wood burned pet portrait makes for a beautiful gift or addition to your home décor. Provide a picture or two of your pet, there’s no limit to your creativity or imagination! This gift is sure to be a favorite on Christmas morning.

Shop a Custom Wood Burned Pet Portrait

About Birch Burn: Birch Burn is a unique online gift shop where you can find wood burned art pieces, custom gifts and handmade jewelry. With 4 years of wood burning under her belt, Brooke, the creator behind Birch Burn, enjoys wood burning pet portraits the most and is happy to work with you on creating a special custom piece of wood burned art as a gift or for your own home. Follow Birch Burn on Instagram.


For Those Who Love Cozy (Read: everyone) 

Sweater from The Storefront Market

All your cozy dreams line up with their sweaters. There are many stunning options to choose from, with all being easy pieces to layer or throw on and go!

I love Jenni's tassle earrings and leggings and bike shorts with pockets!

Shop their Sweaters

About The Storefront Market: Jenni is the owner of The Storefront Market, a new online clothing store for women with busy lives that need quick and easy styles to wear, because clothing doesn't have to be complicated. Follow The Storefront Market on Instagram.


For the State Lover

Hand Embroidered State Hat from A Green Daisy

Hand Embroidered State Hat from A Green Daisy

The hand embroidered state hats are a fun and customizable way to represent your home. Multiple hat color and personalization options allow you to tailor it completely to you! Made with high quality hats & supplies, these hats are easy to personalize and a really unique gift.

Shop the Hand Embroidered State Hat

About A Green Daisy: A Green Daisy a small business of embroidery and fiber art! Daisy loves creating the perfect & unique hat, rainbow, keychain, or wall hanging that brings you joy! Follow A Green Daisy on Instagram.


For the Home

Luxe Handcrafted Resin Coaster Sets from Cambrae Creative

Luxe Handcrafted Resin Coaster Sets from Cambrae Creative

Handmade resin coaster sets are the perfect addition to your living, bedroom, or office space! Each and every set is a one-of-a-kind piece of functional art. Customizing colors and personalization is also available!

I have a beautiful set from her in my home office and it matches my style so well!

Shop the Luxe Handcrafted Resin Coaster Sets

About Cambrae Creative: Cambrae Creative is a small business started by a stay-at-home mom in Lexington, KY.  I have always enjoyed all things creative, and the discovery of my obsession with resin during the “summer of covid” brought my dream of having an at-home business to life! My main product is handcrafted resin coaster sets, but I also enjoy creating ornaments and personalized items, and hope to expand into floral preservation in 2022. Follow Cambrae Creative on Instagram.


For Those Who Love to Style

Small Batch Handmade Earrings from Karat Cake

Small Batch Handmade Earrings from Karat Cake

Statement earrings made with lightweight, 18k+ gold plated brass, semi precious stones, recycled and imported glass, acrylic, pressed flowers, and many other unique components. A style somewhere between mid century inspired, ethereal, and edgy.

I have so many earrings from Karat Cake and love them all!

Shop Small Batch Handmade Earrings

About Karat Cake: Karat Cake makes earrings for the main character. Karat Cake’s distinctive pieces are intentionally inclusive, sustainable, and obsessively created to make their wearer feel powerful. Karat Cake’s earrings are handmade with 18k gold plating. You won’t find these styles anywhere else. Follow Karat Cake on Instagram.


For Teens and Sticker Lovers

Lucky Dog Sticker Club from Lucky Dog Design Co.

Lucky Dog Sticker Club from Lucky Dog Design Co.

Give the gift of stickers all year with the Lucky Dog Sticker Club. Recipients receive 5 curated and personalized stickers each month for a year, and they receive a special gift in their birthday month.

Shop the Lucky Dog Sticker Club

About Lucky Dog: Kayla and her pup Odin are the faces and creatives behind Lucky Dog Design Co., a stationery shop filled with relatable greeting cards, fun stickers, notepads, and gifts. Kayla started hand making greeting cards at the age of 2 and hasn’t stopped since. Follow Lucky Dog on Instagram.




Do you have a favorite small shop? Share in the comments so that we can all support.

Happy Shopping!

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