7 Gifts for the Bold and Fiery Aries

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Optimistic. Adventurous. Dreamy. Below are a few incredible gift ideas for those in your life celebrating their birthday between March 21 and April 19. Don't be afraid to go as bold and big as their personality.

And don’t forget the card! Shop the Aries birthday card here.


An Invincible Summer Art Print by Lucky Dog Design Co.

An Invincible Summer Art Print - Lucky Dog Design Co.

A slight rewrite and nod to the incredible writer Albert Camus. "In the midst of winter I found within me an invincible summer." Celebrate the fire and summer within them with this inspiring art print.

Shop An Invincible Summer Art Print



A Spa Day

This is the best of both worlds for the Aries who loves adventure and luxury, but doesn't quite know how to chill. Give them a few hours or even a day at the spa to relax in style.



Cloud Ten Bakuchiol Night Cream by Urban Pulse Co.

Cloud Ten Night Cream - Urban Pulse Co.

Always on the go and onto the next big adventure, so make sure their skin feels luxurious, hydrated, and ready to go with them.

Shop Urban Pulse Co.



A gift card, certificate, or cash

Need I say more? Help fund their next trip. Bonus points because this gift is easy to give, especially for short notice needs - plus it fits snug in a card and can be shipped with a forever stamp.



Productive AF Notepad by Lucky Dog Design Co.

Productive AF Notepad - Lucky Dog Design Co.

An Aries: loves taking charge and the action it entails - in personal and work life. Give them the snarky gift that helps them keep track of it all.

Shop the Productive AF Notepad



Adult Coloring Book (With or Without the Swearing)

Coloring books are known stress relievers - and these days you can find one for just about anything. Do they love Schitt's Creek? You can absolutely score a coloring book. Swearing? No problem!



Aries Birthday Card from Lucky Dog Design Co.

 Aries Birthday Card - Lucky Dog Design Co.

Find a luxurious card that fits their personality. 

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