7 Gifts Under $35 to Cheer Someone Up

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It’s just natural to go through ups and downs in life, but having a support system behind you makes all the difference. Sometimes when you know someone going through a rough patch, the best thing to do is just to let them know you’re there. And sometimes cheering them up with a gift or thoughtful card goes a long, long way.

Here are a few of my favorite pick-me-up gifts for when someone needs a little cheer:

Candle from Moon & June Studio

Moon & June Studio Warm Hugs Candle

I love Jenny’s candles and am currently burning one that says “Warm Hugs.” 

Check out her candles here.

Embroidery Hoop from Emily June

Emily June Handmade Astronaut Embroidery Kit

I’ve gotten several of her embroidery patterns before and just love them! My favorites are the astronaut and witchy ones. Embroidery is just so soothing to do and helps get my mind off of things.

Check out her embroidery kits here.


Self Care Gift Box from The Gilded Witch

The Gilded Witch Aries Collection Gift Box

Give a gift box filled with self care goodies to help them unwind and treat themselves. You can make your own or find one already assembled. I just love all of Kyera’s products (all sourced from small batch, womxn-owned businesses).

Check it out here.


Lucky Dog Encouragement Card

Lucky Dog Design Co. Encouragement Card for a Friend

Of course you can pair any gift with an encouragement card, but just sending a card with some sweet words is always appreciated. I also have a bundle of 5 encouragement cards to keep on hand if you want to regularly send them out.

Take a look at my encouragement cards.

Pottery from Lauren Sumner Studio

Mini Moon Planter from Lauren Sumner Studio

Lauren’s moon planter is just so beautiful and brightens up a room. I purchased one for my sister for Christmas, and it was just incredible work.

Check out her pottery work.

Statement Earrings from Karat Cake

I cannot even begin to count how many times I’ve been stopped by someone who just loves my Karat Cake earrings. All. The. Time. And you know what? It makes me smile and brightens my day.

Check out her earrings.


An Adventure!

Take them out for lunch, dinner, or a fun activity (concert, movie, open mic night, trivia, etc.) if they are nearby. OR gift them with an adventure they can enjoy on their own or with someone else.

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