7 Fun and Thoughtful Gift Ideas to Include in a Card

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Cards are perfect for sending to family, friends, and colleagues for the holidays, birthdays, and special occasions—and they’re also great to hold gifts. Sometimes it's out of necessity, space, or timing, and other times you look at a card and think "Aunt Sheila would LOVE this."

You impulse buy the card (because the answer is always to impulse buy the card, my personal stationery stash certainly says so) and now you want to pair it with a gift. Sometimes the answer isn't a big, wrapped gift, and that's certainly not everyone's cup of tea.

So here are a few out-of-the-box ideas of gifts you can include in a card, a little bit of every price range. I'd love to know in the comments if you have any other ideas!


Let the Adventure Begin Congratulations Card from Lucky Dog Design Co.


Buy a ticket or two to a concert, game, amusement park, etc. The gift of an experience can go a lot further than an object. If they love an adventure or trying new things, consider a cooking class, a dance class, or even skydiving.

Do they love candles? Look for a candlemaking class. Will they pick up candlemaking? Most likely not, but they will have such a wonderful time making in the moment and being present.

If you don’t know where to look, check out websites like “Eventbrite” that have so many options based on interests.


Why this makes a great gift?

Depending on the person, physical gifts can feel a bit forced or cumbersome. Giving the gift of an experience will garner memories that last a lifetime.

Due to the nature of giving an experience, please consider getting yourself a ticket to join or giving them a second ticket to bring someone else (unless they love a solo adventure!).



If you’re both gardeners, trading seeds from your garden or that you purchase can be a fun gift that fits perfectly in an envelope. If they are larger seeds, you may have to pay a non-machinable fee when sending the card out. The perfect small gift idea for a gardener! If you’re not a gardener, you can’t go wrong with getting Baker Creek Heirloom seeds in my opinion.


Why this makes a great gift?

As a gardener myself, the adventure of having new types of plants to test and plant in the season is so fun! A new variation of heirloom tomato? Heck yes! While simple, this gift is treasured by those with a green thumb. A seed my grandma from Ohio gifted me a decade ago is now growing across the country in Georgia, Kentucky, Texas, and Iowa.

On the flip side, I do not recommend gifting an indoor plant unless you really know the person well and know what they would absolutely love.


Unframed Print or Flat Art Piece

If the recipient loves art, loves to express themselves and their personality through art, and/or loves decorating their space with it, consider a print.

You can find prints for every fandom, interest, and art style. The first places I shop for prints at are local gift and specialty stores or Etsy. You can also shop art prints at Lucky Dog here.


Why this makes a great gift?

When you get someone a piece of art, you’re telling that person, “Hey, this made me think of you.” Art is very personal, and the connection of giving someone art is equally personal. A few of my art pieces in my home came to me as gifts and they are my most cherished. The gifter gave so much thought into what they picked out.

Lucky Dog Art Prints


Recipes or Pictures

Depending on the person, someone may enjoy a sentimental recipe or picture(s). Memories to hold on to and pass on. This one honestly tops the cake for me for gifts to put in a card, but it's not always feasible depending on the situation.


Why this makes a great gift?

If the recipient loves and cherishes keepsakes and/or loves to cook, a recipe or pictures would make a great gift. Do you have a family member who loves to cook that passed along a few recipes (or maybe that person is you!)? Do you have old pictures or pictures on your phone that can be printed from memories with that person? It shows you enjoy their presence in a very sweet way (especially if the recipe is chocolate chip cookies).



The gift that keeps on giving! Purchase a fun subscription, print out the receipt, and add it in the card. My mother-in-law has gifted us a coffee subscription for the past few years and we love it! Every year she asks what we want and the first thing we say and want is the coffee subscription. 

And here’s my humble plug to my subscription, the Lucky Dog Sticker Club. Recipients receive 5 curated and personalized stickers to their mailbox every month for only $10!

Lucky Dog Sticker Club


Why this makes a great gift?

Quite simple really: it’s the gift that brings you joy year-round. It can be for something so simple, yet delicious, as coffee or tea. Or it can be something like a craft subscription box, sticker of the month club, etc., where it’s specific to a niche they love.


Greeting Card or Postcard

You can fit one smaller greeting card or multiple postcards in a card. Include postage to send them out for bonus points.


Why this makes a great gift?

If you’re gifting to someone who loves paper goods, this is a sweet sentiment. Similar to picking out the card that it went in. It shows you thought of this piece of stationery and thought of them. They can then share that joy with someone else in true paper nerd fashion. Want to shop unique and relatable cards? Check them out here.


Gift cards and Cash

Of course, cash and gift cards are always an option! Bonus points for supporting a small business with a gift card.


Why this makes a great gift?

Cash - need I say more? Gift cards and cash are always appreciated. It gets a bad rap for being a bit uncaring or distant, but in reality most people love a little extra cash! If you’re scrambling for something, cash or a gift card to their favorite shop or restaurant is such a good idea! One year, my husband and I received a gift certificate to our favorite restaurant in our city. It was a splurge restaurant for us, so having the gift certificate gave us a fun and exciting date night out and was so loved.


Lucky Dog Stickers

BONUS: Stickers!

Stickers are perfect, flat, and versatile gifts that can be curated for the personality and interests of the receiver. Shop stickers here.


Why this makes a great gift?

Stickers show your personality and can go on anything. Water bottles, notebooks, planners, kayaks, bikes, coolers, etc.

P.S. - These gift ideas can be applied year-round, not just for the holidays.


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