Falling Leaves Keychain
Falling Leaves Keychain
Falling Leaves Keychain
Falling Leaves Keychain
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Falling Leaves Keychain

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Leaves that are forever falling, but never fully dying. Take the chilly crisp fall vibes with you everywhere with the limited release Falling Leaves Keychain. Perfect for your purse, keys, hanging from your rearview mirror, and more.

The Falling Leaves keychain can either be a bright UV yellow or UV purple six-chain with gold/black links and a lobster clasp. It measures 1x6 inches.

Each keychain is handcrafted in the Lucky Dog studio in Atlanta, GA. Lucky Dog keychains are a collaboration project between owner Kayla and her husband Bruce. They combine their individual passions of design, craft, and 3D modeling to create bright and colorful unique keychains.

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