Lucky Dog Loyalty Program

Interested in being rewarded for your small business loyalty? The Lucky Dog Loyalty Program gives you the opportunity to collect Stamps and then redeem them for free stationery goodies and money off your next order.

So how do you join? Simply create an account on our website. That's it! You're now enrolled and can begin to collect Stamps and redeem them for perks.

How to check your status:

  • Visit this link (it navigates you to the Lucky Dog home page and pops up your loyalty program hub) or click the "Lucky Dog Loyalty Program" button on the bottom lefthand side of this screen.
  • The Loyalty Hub provides you with your current status, redemption information, and FAQs

How to collect Stamps:

  • Every $1 you spend collects 1 Stamp
  • Let us know your birthday and we'll give you free Stamps on your special day!
  • Leave a review of a product you purchased and collect 10 Stamps
  • Refer a friend with a 15% off code and collect 50 Stamps when they purchase from Lucky Dog
  • Other perks released during special occasions

How to redeem Stamps: 

  • Head to the Loyalty Hub here or by clicking the "Lucky Dog Loyalty Program" button on the bottom lefthand side of this screen
  • Scroll down to "Ways to redeem" and click to show all of your rewards
  • If you have enough Stamps available, you can click "Redeem" to access your discount code to use during checkout

Lucky Dog Loyalty Program VIP Status - Very Important Paper Friend

Are you a super fan?

Those who collect 500 Stamps within 1 year earn our Very Important Paper Friend status - AKA our VIP program.

Very Important Paper Friend Perks include: 

  • 10% off EVERY order from Lucky Dog while you maintain your status
  • Collect 2 Stamps for every $1 you spend
  • 25% off to use immediately
  • Special birthday gift delivered to your doorstep in real life!
  • Pop-up perks and rewards along the way


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Lucky Dog Loyalty Program free?

Yes! The only requirement to joining is creating a free account on Lucky Dog's website.

Will my points expire?

No! I'm personally not a fan of loyalty programs that expire your hard-earned rewards. Use them immediately or save them up for the right time and bigger perks. It's totally up to you!

How often will I receive email communication?

Not very often, and typically only when an action occurs, such as earning Stamps, eligibility for rewards, welcome email, etc. We want to keep our communication to a minimum while making sure you have the information you need.

How do I log in to the Lucky Dog Loyalty Hub to check my status and redeem rewards and perks?

When you're on the Lucky Dog website, you'll see a button on the bottom left hand side of your screen that says "Lucky Dog Loyalty Program." As long as you're logged in, you can check your status at any time. You can also use this link to navigate there.