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Last year, as I was prepping for 2022 in pure Kayla style (pages and pages of notes, goals, data, etc.), I realized I wanted something more fun and easily on display throughout the year. 

From that, I designed two printable resources that I tacked to my wall. 

The first is a 2022 calendar with a space at the bottom to put my bigger visions and goals and my mantra for the year: “What’ve you got to lose?” A reminder that risks are worth taking and that my time on this world is limited, so why not?

The calendar also allows me to highlight and bracket dates when I have something planned. I’m always being asked if I can do something on this week or that weekend, and it’s nice to see it all mapped out. 

The second is a resource that allows me to showcase my monthly goals and see them in one year of format. And on top of that, I can see what my goals are for entire quarters at a time. Now I don’t have to go digging around in my notes to find my pages of planning - it’s all right there.

Now, you could certainly laminate or frame these pages to allow more flexibility (using dry erase markers to mark everything) or you can just reprint at anytime. That’s the beauty of a free printable resource.

Because I’ve loved it so much, it’s now yours, (almost) completely free! Sign up to receive weekly super-not-spammy love letters from me. You’ll also get a thank-you discount code to use in my shop when signing up. 



P.S. - If you’re this in a future year, don’t worry, I update the yearly calendar every Fall for the next year.

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