8 Birthday Gifts for the Adventurous Sagittarius

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Confident. Optimistic. Ambitious. Below are a few incredible gift ideas for those in your life celebrating their birthday between November 22 and December 21.

I'd be doing a huge disservice to Sagittarians for suggesting a complete list of just physical gifts. Sags thrive with spontaneity and adventure, and just physical products will not do.

Another tip: Avoid the overtly cutesy and cliche, and think more on the down-to-earth, surprising, and adventurous side of things.

And don’t forget the card! Even birthday adventures go perfectly paired with a birthday card filled with genuine and thoughtful words. Shop the Sagittarius birthday card here.


Hand-printed Tea Towels from Jessica Holly

Tea Towels from Jessica Holly

Jessica’s earthy hand-printed tea towels will steal a Sagittarian’s heart.

Shop Tea Towels


A Day Out on a Spontaneous Trip

Take them on a last-minute trip or adventure (even a scavenger hunt in your city can be a fun way to explore). Sags are known to love the outdoors, so take them on a hike if the weather is right.


Impasto Painting from Angela Wells (Milk Thistle)

Impasto Painting from Angela Wells (Milk Thistle)

Paintings busting out of their seams in the most beautiful way. Angela’s art will be loved by those who cherish gorgeous one-of-a-kind pieces.

Shop Impasto Paintings and Other Art


A Trip to the Local Bookstore (on You!)

A new book or gift card to a local bookstore of theirs. Or better yet, if you can, surprise them with a trip to the local bookstore and pay for their shopping trip. Fulfill their love of always learning.



Bamboo Headband from Qui Co Apparel

Bamboo Headband from Qui Co Apparel

These colorful headbands can make quick work of a messy hair day - and the bright colors and bold prints let them express their mood!

Shop Headbands


Custom Printed Adventure Book

Give the gift of their favorite memories as a keepsake. 



A New Food Adventure

Sags love an adventure, and food is one of the many ways to explore. Find somewhere new and a bit of fun - but keep it a secret!



Sagittarius Birthday Card from Lucky Dog Design Co.

Sagittarius Birthday Card from Lucky Dog Design Co.

Don’t forget the card! Tell them how much you care about them, and they’ll cherish this card forever.

Don't Forget the Card


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