6 Gifts Ambitious Capricorns Will Love for Their Birthday

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Ambitious. Giving. Patient. Below are a few incredible gift ideas for those in your life celebrating their birthday between December 22 and January 19.

And don’t forget the card! Shop the Capricorn birthday card here.



Self Care Goodies from The Posh Olive

The Posh Olive Bath Items

Capricorns are all work, so give them a reason for a little bit of time to themself. Margaret usually releases in batches, so make sure to check out her next release!

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Gift Certificate to a Class

Caps are known to be lifelong learners and crave new challenges. Give them the gift of a class, whether that be dancing, cooking, drink mixing, whatever may interest them!



A new notepad from Lucky Dog Design Co.

Lucky Dog Design Co. Color Block Weekly Planner Pad

Ambitious Capricorns love accomplishment, so bring a little joy to their day as they get shit done.

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Embroidered Beanie from Strawberry Disco

Give the gift of warmth and style with Jo’s embroidered strawberry disco ball beanie.

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Eco-friendly Swaps from atlo


As an earth sign, Capricorns can be more conscious about their footprint on our planet. Give them the gift of eco-friendly alternatives to regularly used items.

Shop atlo



Capricorn Birthday Card from Lucky Dog Design Co.

Capricorn birthday card

Don’t forget the card! Tell them how much you care about them, and they’ll cherish this card forever.

Shop the card.



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