6 Birthday Gifts for Leos

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Loving. Ferocious. Loyal. Below are a few incredible small business gift ideas for those in your life celebrating their birthday between July 23 and August 22.

And don't forget the card! Shop our Leo birthday card here.

Zodiac Embroidery Kit by You Can Stitch It

 You Can Stitch It Leo Hand Embroidery Kit

At the time of publishing this, Elyse at You Can Stitch It hasn’t even launched this gorgeous kit, so you’re getting first dibs! Give the Leo in your life a fun stitch with the added bonus of it being hung up or propped somewhere in their home afterward.

Get your hands on one of the first zodiac kits.



Nail Sets by Strawberry Disco

 Strawberry Disco Nail Sets

Strawberry Disco makes super fun and colorful art in a wide collection of mediums. These nail sets are my recent faves!

Go here to see all of Strawberry Disco's nail sets.



Leo Birthday Card and Matching Art Print by Lucky Dog Design Co.

 Leo Birthday Card from Lucky Dog Design Co.

The card and art print showcase the top three positive traits Leo signs mentioned that they love about themselves - Loving, Ferocious, and Loyal.

Birthday Card | Art Print



Raining Heart Earrings by Shop Cholla

 Shop Cholla Raining Hearts Earrings

Shop Cholla makes big jewelry for fun people, and let me tell ya, her earrings are out of this world amazing. I have a pair of her pastel rainbow raining hearts and it is a head turner.

Head this way for Raining Hearts.



Goddess Candle by Pretty Honest Shop

 Pretty Honest Shop Gaia Goddess Candles

Goddesses and Gods represented in candle form - I’ve never seen a more beautiful set of candles! Pretty Honest Shop makes “soy candles that don’t suck” and she nails every. single. one.

Check out her goddess candles here.



Good Things are Coming Glass Cup from Meryum Designs


Meryum Designs Good Things Are Coming Glass Cup Held by someone's hand in front of a bunch of plants

Meryum is a shop full of flowers, sunshine, and color. I just love her glassware and totes, so definitely check her out!

Good Things Are Coming, right this way.


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